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Sydney’s No.1 Truck Buyer Any Make-Model

Trucks are necessary for trade business. However, they are very costly and so is its maintenance. We at NSW truck recycle are in the business of buying all types of unwanted trucks for recycling purposes. So, when the truck maintenance costs more than its value, it is time to call us and find out how much can you earn! That’s right! With us, you can earn cash for trucks that too without spending any money!

Who we are?

NSW truck recycle We are licensed truck recyclers, who believe in conserving nature through our eco-friendly process. We buy trucks of all make and models. NSW truck recycles also accept trucks that are old, non-working, damaged or even wrecked. After buying the unwanted trucks, we dismantle and recycle the metal. We also reuse the parts that are still in working condition. And after reconditioning, sell it as a quality second-hand parts. Thus, we not only help by removing the unwanted trucks from your premises but also conserve natural resources by promoting reuse and recycling.

Why sell your truck?

Trucks, like any other machine, undergo constant wear and tear during its lifetime. Even though they are stronger, and last longer than small vehicles, they are not invincible. And irrespective of how well you maintain it, eventually it will reach its end. And so when instead of being an asset it turns into a liability, it is time to get rid of it. There are many ways to get rid of it, the best and the most beneficial one is Cash for truck, wherein you not only get rid of the truck but also earn top cash for it.

There are many reasons for people to get rid of their trucks. Some common ones include

  1. Old and beyond repair – Some trucks though not damaged are no longer functional. And with the wear and tear, they are beyond any repair
  2. Accidental or totaled – Accidental trucks if damaged beyond salvage or are without insurance coverage become a liability. In such a case it is better to let it go.
  3. Junk or wrecked truck – Such trucks are beyond repair and salvage. Negligence leads to rust settling in and turns it into junk.
  4. Truck damaged in natural calamities – Natural calamities spare no one. And when trucks are damaged during floods, it becomes impossible to salvage the interior as well as the parts.
  5. Lack of space – Trucks occupy huge space. And if you are shifting place or have a smaller space, it can create space constraint.
  6. High repair/maintenance cost – Trucks that are old need constant repairs and maintenance. And they eat into your budget. The best thing would be to get rid of it
  7. Deterioration in performance – As the truck gets old its average reduces, performance becomes jerky and then you know that it’s time to bid farewell.
So, whatever may be your reasons, we are just a phone call away. We accept all trucks without any biases.

Our services

We are into the truck recycling business. Apart from trucks we also buy unwanted SUVs, UTEs, 4×4, and Vans. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction and so all our policies are made towards that end. Easy to follow the process, value-added services and shortest turnaround time are some of the salient features of our services. We offer services to all regions of Sydney. So, irrespective of where you are based if you are looking to engage the best in the industry call us today.

How to sell Cash for trucks

We understand the value of our customer’s time. And we know that taking out time to complete the formalities may create an obstacle in removing the unwanted truck. We, thus, have a simple 3 step process that allows us to close the deal within 24 hours of connecting with us.
  1. Contact us with truck details – Call us with truck details and get an instant quote from us.
  2. Accept the offer – on accepting the quote, we arrange for vehicle inspection and make you an offer for the best possible price.
  3. Close the deal – When you accept our offer, we arrange for truck removal at a mutually convenient time. And on the day of removal, we make the payment.
Thus, you don’t have to wait long to seal the deal and complete the trade.

Get cash up to $13999

When the truck becomes old, people think it is a worthless vehicle. However, it is valuable especially to company like us who are into recycling. So, if you are done with keeping an unwanted truck with you, call us today and you can earn cash up to $13999 within 24 hours.


What our customer say?

Very quick and easy to deal with. Price was fair, they came when they said, took the truck and made prompt payment. The tow truck driver was also delightful and courteous. Would Happily Recommend!

Cooper Alden

Superfast pick-up and payment! Amicable service from the office and tow truck driver! 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to get rid of their old truck.

Justin McGuigan

These guys are amazing. From the initial communication, they are so responsive to all your questions, arrived at the time I requested accurately and transferred to my bank account within 5-10 minutes.

Patrick Dyason
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